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Knitzilla has conlcuded our involvement with the IV wrist cover project.
Please see the McHenry County Knitting Guild of Illinois site
if you have covers you would like to send in.

This page will be taken down shortly, so if you need to save
links or patterns for charity use, grab them now!

Tips for all items

Please let us know if there are any wool/animal fibers in the item.
Some people are allergic, and that could really complicate an already
rough time. For the same reason, if you have furry pets
at home, it's a good idea to wash the item before sending it (but no scented fabric softener please).

Rad Bad IV wrist covers for kids

waffle.ivwristcover.jpgNow these are really easy to knit or crochet in fun, crazy colors. Sometimes kids+teens are bothered by the IV needle and tube that goes into the back of the hand. This little wrist-sweater holds the works snug so it's not annoying, and so it doesn't slide around. Basically it finishes as a 3"x6" tube with a slit in the seam for the thumb. Design your own!

Check out these great pattern links:
Sizing for kids' IV wrist covers
Cultured Purls' knit Waffle Stitch IV wrist covers (pictured left)
Toni Kimmell's Crochet Pediatric IV Cover

The Basic Basic (no purling!):
Using a worsted weight acrylic yarn, cast on 24 stitches on size 7 needles. Knit every row until you have 50 rows (25 ribs, each side). Bind off.
     Roll the piece into a tube, and stitch together the cast-on and bind-off rows, leaving a thumbhole (unstitched area) about 2/3 of the way up. The ribbed "stripes" will run vertically along the tube.

Glamor Girl iv wrist cover (click here to print or download)
Finished wrist cover is about 3in x 5.25in
•1 skein Patons Brilliant synthetic yarn (yarn is used doubled throughout)
•Colorway Sparkling Rose used in photos. It is glittery but not fuzzy.
•Size 9
knitting needles, tapestry needle
glamorgirl.web.jpgCast on 24 stitches with yarn doubled. Leave 5in tail for stitching cover together.
1-3: ribbing K2, P2 across entire row.
Row  4: P2, K2 across entire row.
Rows 5-
6: (begin Seed stitch or moss stitch) K2, P2 across entire row.
Rows 7-8
: (continue seed stitch or moss stitch) P2, K2 across entire row.
Rows 9-28: Repeat rows 5-8 five more times
Rows 29-31: ribbing K2, P2 across entire row.
Bind off with knit stitch, leaving a 5in tail for stitching into a tube.
Finishing: Fold your work in half, keeping ribbing at the top and bottom. Use the yarn tail to mattress stitch the sides together, forming a tube. Stitch about 2/3 of the way up, knot, then hide yarn end.
             Then use the other yarn tail to stitch the rest of the side together, leaving a hole for Glamor Girl to put her thumb through comfortably. Knot. Hide yarn end in work.

Glamor Girl Pattern ©2005 Sedda Kreabs.
Pattern may not be knitted for sale unless 100% of proceeds benefit charity. May not be reproduced without express written permission, unless distributed for charity knitting projects with this copyright notice.

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