Rad Bad Special Thanks

We would like to thank the many volunteers
across the globe who have been contributing
to the Rad Bad Beanie Project since 2005.
Your time and love make a difference.

Volunteer Knitters

• Amity, North Carolina
• Whitney Bickers, Los Angeles
• Bug, Los Angeles
Karen Cahall, Los Angeles
• Candi Cane, Los Angeles
Aurora, Berkeley CA
• Nichola Groom, Los Angeles
• Hilda, Los Angeles
• Erika Icon, Los Angeles
• Katherine, Los Angeles
• Teri King, Shelton, WA
KnitGuyLA, Los Angeles
• Ba Keyser, Burlington VT
• Nancy, Riverton WY
• Nancy Lenehan, Los Angeles
• Murphy, Los Angeles
• Carol O'Neill, Honolulu, Hawaii
• Diane Pyle, Decatur IL
• Terri Feinstein Sasanow, NYC
• Laurie Specter, Playa del Rey CA
• Laura S., Los Angeles

• Merna, Pacific Palisades CA
Ann Miller, Bradford, Ohio
• Jamie Wadkins, Los Angeles
• Wynne, Los Angeles
• Zuzu, Los Angeles

Volunteer Crocheters

• Marcia McDonald, Ruby May Staine Fdn., CA
• Claragale Garcia, Ruby May Staine Fdn., CA
• Yin Yang Di, Los Angeles

• AJ Rose, Los Angeles
• Mary S., Lincoln, Nebraska
• Janet Thomas, Bradenton, Florida
• Diana Wada, Los Angeles
Dawn Pietzsch, Manchester, Tenn.
Cindy, Las Vegas, Nevada
Volunteer Fleece Stitchers
• Janet Walton, Louisville KY

Yarn+fabric we receive that won't work for Rad Bad Beanies is passed on to community knitters+stitchers who help others in need.


Publicity and Support
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• Greg Wuller, Los Angeles
• The Coffee Table, 2930 Rowena, LA 90039
Big City Mountaineers
Craig's List
Edna Hart, Silverlake

Knitzilla! of Silverlake and Worldwide
Mason-Dixon Knitting
That Yarn Store, Eagle Rock CA
The Knitter's Studio, Los Angeles
The Little Knittery, Atwater Village/LA, CA
Birdsong, Sierra County, CA
Craft and Found
Crochet Cronicles
Virgin Wool
Wandering Cyberspace from the Cornfields
Wild Yarn
Red Scarf Project, Charlotte, North Carolina

Whole Life Times
If your name is missing or misspelled, please know that
we really do appreciate your support.

Please, please contact us so we can correct the error.

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