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Tips for all items

Anything that looks great on a snowboarder
will look great on a teen hiker! We're looking for hats that are rad, mad cool, hot,
sweet, righteous, crazy, or wicked good. Especially long stocking caps!

Teens come in all sizes, and so should the hats we collect!
If you're not sure
where to start, try one that is about 20.5" in circumference.

Please attach a tag before sending, letting us know on the tag if there are any
wool/animal fibers in the item. Some people are allergic, and that
would really put a damper on an amazing trip. For the same reason,
if you have furry pets at home, it's a good idea to gently handwash the hat in cool water before sending it (no scented fabric softener please).


Rad Bad Beanie Patterns
Rad Bad Beanies are going to urban teens, some of who will be in the wilderness for the first time! Style matters! We want to send them rad lids, suitable for snowboarding, climbing and chillin'!

We're looking for adult-sized hats (or tuques, if you're Canadian!) for both guys and gals from knit, crochet, or fleece sewn patterns.

Here are a few knit pattern ideas—but by all means, use your creativity! Not sure? Then we recommend that your local teen advisers review your pattern before you start!

Knitty's Peruvian Corner Boings Hat
Birdsong's Earflap Hat
Long Stocking Hat
Official Kitty62 Hat
Braided Hat
Coronet Braided Brim Hat
Sugar on Snow hat/neckwarmer by
Lee Wood Juvan


Star Hat by Knitting Central
(purchase pattern. photo courtesy of Knitting Central.)

Joelle Hoverson's Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
has a basic hat pattern you can convert to any size. Maybe your library has a copy!

Crochet Patterns:

Snowboarder Skullies and Dana E's modifications

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